ZSpeed Stage 4 Track High Clamp 3 Puck Race Clutch (370Z, G37, G35S)



ZSpeed Performance Premium Stage 4 Track Clutch

Aggressive And Precise Engagement

Our choice for Heavy Duty Street, Drag, Drifting or Track Use

Double Pressure plate Drive Straps to prevent pressure plate failure on hard down shifts.

High Ratio pressure plate retains the clamp load longer through out clutch disk life.

Max Tq @ Flywheel 675 , Recommend wheel Tq up to 550ftlbs.

This kit includes

  • 3 Puck Sprung Clutch Disk
  • High Clamp Ductile Steel Pressure Plate
  • OEM Nissan Pilot Bushing
  • Clutch Alignment Tool

Type: Performance

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