ZSpeed Nissan 370Z Heavy Duty CSC Clutch Slave Cylinder 3-4 Week Delay


ZSpeed Performance Heavy Duty Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder

The ZSpeed HD CSC Heavy Duty  Clutch Slave Cylinder will replace the plastic stock Nissan Clutch Slave Cylinder and fluid tube assy.

Robust new brass block bleeder assy, Unlike the stock style pipe assy (steel on steel) used on the stock clutch slave and other slaves where the bleeder screw can become seized and snap off, our bleeder assy is replaceable if the bleed screw should ever become stuck, This is very unlikely to happen with our coated brass bleed block but if it ever did you simply remove banjo bolt and replace the entire brass block with one bolt. OEM style requires you to remove the transmission!

The stock Nissan Infiniti Clutch slave cylinder is known to fail with after market clutches and is made of Plastic. Fix it now with our upgraded V2 Version!

Our Heavy Duty Clutch Slave Cylinder will bolt directly on to your car with no modifications needed to install.

This kit features an all metal/aluminum construction and includes Braided Stainless clutch fluid lines.

Your stock rubber clutch hose can be reused but we recommend upgrading to our Insulated Flexible SS Stainless Clutch Hose to prevent boiling of the clutch fluid.

The Clutch brands listed below have been confirmed to work correctly with our HD Slave:

  • OEM Nissan Clutch
  • ZSpeed Performance “ZSP” Clutch Kits/Packages
  • JWT  Clutch Kits
  • Genuine Exedy  Clutch with Genuine Exedy Flywheel (not ebay or amazon as they may not include the proper height exedy flywheel) Be sure to buy from reputable dealer.
  • South Bend Clutch  Clutch Kits
  • ACT Clutch Kits
  • Competition Clutch Kits
  •  All of ZSpeed Performances’ branded  clutch offerings on our website are checked and assured proper height so measurements are not needed.

To use this with OS Giken Twin Disk Clutches you will need our OS version HD Slave cylinder.

MOTUL RBF600 BRAKE FLUID should be used with this kit. 1 bottle is normally enough to bleed the system.


Add OE Master Cylinder A new Clutch master cylinder should be installed at the same time, This prevent problems from worn/dirty original units.

Add Clutch Pilot Bushing Anytime your transmission is pulled you should replace the “Clutch Pilot Bushing”  Not changing the pilot bushing may cause noise if not changed.

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