ZEX Nitrous System Nissan 350Z


Sure, you want your ZEX nitrous oxide injection system todeliver the ultimate in performance, but you also want it tolook the part? The lustrous Polished Nitrous System adds theperfect amount of flash that boasts your horsepower gains.
The ZEX 2003-2006 350Z Nitrous System is the only direct fit nitrous system on the market for thisincredible car. The kit includes a custom designed billet fuel adapter that simply bolts on to the factoryfuel rail. This adapter keeps you fr
Adjustable from 55 to 100 HP; perfect for serious performance increases; ZEX Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel enrichment with variations in bottlepressure; so you are never too rich or too lean; ZEX electronics activate the nitrous system only at wide open throttle; Every hose, wire & a custom machined billet fuel rail adapter has been engineeredspecifically for a perfect fit on the 2003-2006 350Z.

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