MagnaFlow Tip Stainless Black Coated Single Wall Round Single Outlet 5in Dia 3.5in Inlet 14.5in L


Give your vehicle an aggressive style with a MagnaFlow Satin Black Coated exhaust tip. The High Temp coating provides additional protection and the fully polished band clamp with high strength zinc-coated bolt assembly will ensure your MagnaFlow exhaust tip will stay clamped in place even in the harshest climates.
Black Series Stainless Steel Clamp-On Exhaust Tip; 5 in. Dia.; 3.5 in. I.D. Inlet; 14.5 in. Long; Clamp-On; Single Wall; Round 15 Deg. Rolled-Edge; Polished;
MagnaFlow Custom Clamp on tips are sized for specific tailpipe diameters completing most any exhasut system with the just the right finishing touch.


Type: Unknown Type

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