KTUNER ECU Flash with OBDII Flash Cable Kit Honda Civic Si 2012-2015

Vivid Racing


The KTunerFlash V1.2 OBDII flash cable is a great way to tune your Honda Civic SI 2012-2015 .  This tool allows you to flash your ECU to a high performance tuning map as well as revert back to stock.  In addition, KTuner also allows full access to software for those that want to play with custom tuning themselves.  With their dyno proven maps, easy to use flashing device, and ability to customize, the KTuner flashing tool is an amazing product for you!

What tunes will be included?

  • Stage 1 +16 hp | +8 ft/lbs:
    • Improved throttle response
    • Improved low-end and midrange torque
    • Producing a much more sporty feel and drivability

Features of the KTunerFlash V1.2:

  • This unit is locked to one ECU and allows you to alter the settings in your ECU.
  • Return to factory at any time and unlock the unit to resell.
  • This allows datalogging and reflashing right over your factory OBD2 port!
  • Store multiple tunes, including factory. Flash stored tunes directly from our TunerView App!
  • Note: Tunes are still created with the KTuner PC software.
  • On Board Logging, record datalogs without the need for a laptop.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for peripherals and the TunerView Android app.
  • Extended data parameters available on certain vehicles.
  • Diagnose any Honda/Acura CAN vehicle, even when already locked to a vehicle.
  • KTuner uses USB connectivity for fast data transfers.

 About the KTuner Tuning Software:

The KTuner software is a tabbed layout including a drop down list of parameters. This allows easy maneuvering around parameters and tuning layouts.  Free to Download Here.

Current Supported ECUs:

  • For latest KTuner Civic Si Updates - Click Here
  • Part numbers for usable ECUs include: 37820-RX0-A01 through A22

Help Videos:

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