Injen 03-08 350Z Dual 60mm SS Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Built In Resonated X-Pipe


Designed for specific vehicles the Injen Titanium Tip (TT) Edition gives the Super SES exhaust line its added flare. With a more aggressive burnt titanium tip finish larger diameters (where applicable) and featuring a slip fit design- the Injen SES TT edition has proven to be the next best thing since the release of the SES line.
Cat-Back Exhaust System; Incl. StainlessSteel Tubing/Built-In ResonatedX-Pipe/EmbossedInjenLogoMufflers/Dual Wall Rolled Burnt Titanium Tips; Gains +16.0 HP/Torque +17.0 ft. lbs.;
Titanium Tipped CatBack System; w/ Resonated XPipe
Nissan 03-08 350Z-Dual 60mm S.S. cat-back system w/built-in resonated X-pipe; custom molded S.S.Flanges; embossed Injen logos on all mufflers and resonated Titanium dual wall with rolled-burnt tips.

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