Hotchkis 97-04 Corvette C5 Rear Sway Bar Set


Hotchkis Sport Suspension 2285R Rear Sway Bar Set for 97-04 Chevy C5 Corvettes. This Lightweight 1 in. adjustable tubular steel rear sway bar has three settings to make it +60% +100% and +150% stiffer than a stock Z51 and is finished in Gloss Black powder coat. The kit includes oil impregnated rubber bushings and is sold without end links. This Hotchkis Sport Suspension Rear Sway Bar dramatically improves cornering potential and because it is adjustable allows the suspension to be finely tuned. Improves both Z06 and Z51 models and note that upgrading to Z06 metal end links is recommended with this application.
97-04 Chevy C5 Corvette Hotchkis Sport Rear Sway Bar w/o end links. Lightweight 1 in. adjustable tubular steel rear sway bar. Stiffness increase over Z51 is +60% +100% or +150%. Includes oil impregnated rubber bushings
1997-04 Chevy C5 Corvette

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