Hotchkis 64-66 Ford Mustang Adjustable Suspension Strut Rod


Hotchkis Sport Suspension (14414) 64-66 Mustang Strut Rod Kit. Take your 1964 -1966 Ford Mustang to the next level of performance for autocross and track days. Hotchkis Sport Adjustable Strut Rods are one of the fastest, easiest and most dramatic modifications you can make to the Mustang, offering dramatically improved stability and superior driver control thanks to increased positive caster and spherical Heim Joints. Our engineers poured over computer modeling and track testing data to create the ultimate bolt-on Mustang Strut Rod that keeps the wheel precisely located fore and aft in the wheel well and is double adjustable for easy caster adjustments without the need to remove the strut rod from the car. Designed and manufactured by Hotchkis Sport Suspension specifically for the 1964 -1966 Ford Mustang, our street, autocross and track event ready Sport Adjustable Strut Rods were developed as part of a balanced system, giving the Mustang an aggressive stance and balanced handling, especially when paired with our Sport Coil (1930) and Leaf Springs (2430), Sport Sway Bars (22114), Strut Rods (14414), Hotchkis-Tuned Monotube Shocks (79020016), and Geometry Corrected Upper A-Arms (1117U) and Lower A-Arms (1117L).
Hotchkis Sport Suspension (14414) 64_-66 Mustang Strut Rod Kit. The increased positive caster and spherical Heim Joints in our Strut Rods improve the stability and driver control of your 64_-66 Mustang.
64_-66 Mustang Strut Rod Kit from Hotchkis Sport Suspension.
1964-1966 Mustang


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