Hotchkis 1971-1972 Dodge Dart / Plymouth Duster Pivot Shaft Kit


The Hotchkis Sport Suspension Pivot Shaft Kit reduces the worn out sloppy handling lower control arm pivot shafts on you???re A B or E body Mopar. Designed to be direct replacements for stock these shafts are a greasable design. The grease fittings offer added convenience as well as increased performance by reducing friction and suspension bind. Worn out pivot shafts can create sloppy handling and are recommended to be replaced especially when installing new polyurethane bushings. Kit comes complete with two greasable shafts polyurethane bushings and grade 8 hardware.
Dodge A-Body Greasable Pivot Shaft and Bushing Kit from Hotchkis Sport Suspension
1967-1976 Dart, 1970-1976 Duster, 1967-1969 Barracuda, 1971-1976 Scamp, 1971-1972 Demon, 1967-1976 Valiant
1967-1976 Dart 1970-1976 Duster 1967-1969 Barracuda 1971-1976 Scamp 1971-1972 Demon 1967-1976 Valiant


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