CSF Nissan 370Z M/T Radiator Triple Pass


The NEW CSF Triple Pass Aluminum Radiator/Condenser combo is a substantial cooling upgrade for your Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37 equipped with a manual transmission.  Ideal for forced induction or road racing applications, this unit is also perfect on any street car or weekend warrior.  Addressing the oil/coolant temperature issues that have plagued the VQ37VHR engine is critical; each cooling upgrade can be a valuable asset.

This radiator addresses engine coolant temps by creating the effect of three separate radiators in one unit. This "Triple Pass" effect causes the coolant to pass through the cooling tubes of the radiator a total of three times dropping the coolant temperature each time providing the lowest possible temp coolant to enter the engine. The new CSF Radiators now offer more dense cooling fins allowing more coolant passages in the radiator and better heat transfer. By far the best designed radiator for the VQ37VHR engines.

CSF Radiators has taken many steps to improve upon the stock radiator design and to increase the radiator’s cooling ability. Unlike the OEM radiator core, which is only 12mm thick, the CSF radiator core is now a massive 30mm thick.  The Radiator’s end tanks were also addressed, further increasing the radiators capacity. Through the usage of CSF’s B-Tube technology, the internal design of the radiator’s cross flow tubes have been designed to further increase efficiency and strength.  This reinforced design not only allows for the usage of a lighter, thinner aluminum material, but also increases the total surface area an additional 15%.

Each new unit retains the stock mounting locations and isolators while including a new A/C condenser, dryer, and A/C lines.

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