ZSpeed Performance CMAK V2 370Z CSC Clutch Slave Cylinder Delete Kit


ZSpeed Performance  Nissan Infiniti “CMAK” V2   CMAK – Clutch Movement Alteration Kit

ZSpeed Performance CMAK Deletes the internal Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder also know as a “CSC”.

CMAK Replaces the OEM CSC with a Super Heavy Duty Clutch Fork Assembly with an External Heavy Duty Clutch Slave Cylinder. This slave can be changed without removing the transmission quickly and easily if ever needed.

  • Can be used with the OEM 2008-2016 LUK clutch but we recommend using the ZSpeed HD slave for OEM LUK Style clutch.
  • CMAK is fine to use with the EXEDY Style OEM 2017+ clutch.
  • Works well with most aftermarket name brand quality single disk clutch kits.
  • If you are using any other brand clutch it is best to check with us (theallianceracing@gmail.com) to make sure it will work correctly with it.
  • When used with ZSPEED Clutch/Flywheel kits we offer a full lifetime warranty on every part of the CMAK kit and a 1 year warranty of our clutch.

EASY to install, Quick and Painless Direct bolt on!

No Pesky, Time consuming Set-up Measurements unlike other CSC Elimination kits on the market that require constant adjustments over time.

  • Zspeed CMAK CSC Delete automatically adjusts for clutch wear
  • Once installed, you never have to touch it again!
  • Does not increase pedal effort.Keeps hydraulic fluid clean = Less Maintenance, Reduces Master Cylinder Wear
  • Retains Stock Release Stroke.
  • High Strength Steel Full Length Fork Pivot Assembly With Bronze Bearing will never break or fail.
  • Built Solid from the ground up this kit is by far the best on the market for your Z or G
  • Replacement “wear” parts, Slave Cylinder & Koyo Release Bearing, are easily sourced from us, Nissan OEM or in the aftermarket!
  • We offer a 10 year structural warranty and 5 year Slave Cylinder Warranty.


IF Using CMAK WITH THE STOCK OEM “Luk” self adjusting clutch see instructions Here

ZSpeed CMAK V2 with STOCK STYLE OEM Clutch Pressure Plate

Installation Instructions (Included with kit)

ZSpeed CMAK Install Instructions 8-8-19 Updated

When switching to our CMAK it is the perfect time to upgrade your clutch and flywheel!

If you are not installing a new clutch at the same time as your new CMAK CSC Delete also change your clutch pilot bushing at the same time, These are notorious for making noise after r&r of the transmission.

TIP! > We recommend asking for your old parts from your mechanic to be sure it was changed!


  • Nissan 370Z ALL
  • Infiniti G35S 2007-2008 Sedan
  • Infiniti G37 ALL
  • Infiniti Q60 2014-2016

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