AiM SOLO 2 / 2DL GPS Lap Timer and Data Logger


With AiM's introduction of the new SOLO 2 and Data Logger, the expanded new features now make this amazing tool more powerful and capable than even some dash loggers at a fraction of the price! The SOLO 2 DL pulls an RPM signal from your car and the new multi-color alarm lights now add fully configurable shift lights to your AiM display - one of the most important tools a driver can have to allow increased focus on the on-track view. Additionally, with the CAN option (used with E46 M3, E9X and newer cars), a range of BMW-supplied channels can be recorded for post-session review (and problem solving). A clear, easy-to-read display with adjustable backlighting options for a range of conditions or preferences, and very powerful Race Studio 2 analysis software, the SOLO 2 is the best value in the data market two times over!

SOLO 2 Updates:

  • Expanded tracks - more than 3,000 tracks around the world are available to sync via GPS with an autolearning mode for new tracks
  • Improved predictive lap time thanks to better GPS data
  • Programmable RGB color LEDs for visual comparison of lap times and shift lights
  • Improved lap data displayed on the screen
  • Wifi connection to PC to download data (cable recommended for CAN/OBD data)
  • Smartphone connection for lap data review (currently iPhone only)
  • 4gb of memory (up from 16mb)

More than just a lap timer, the SOLO 2 DL is a vehicle and track data logger that not only shows the user how fast they are each lap, but also provides the quantitative measurements to show you how to improve. Features include:

  • Easy installation - Using either the included screw/velcro-on mounting bracket or the optional window suction cup, the SOLO 2 drops in your car in less than a minute.
  • Internal battery - The internal battery means no wires are required to get started - power cord and CAN cable use is optional.
  • Lap time Display - SOLO 2 displays your best lap, as well as either rolling laptime (running lap), static lap (last completed lap), or Predictive Lap. Predictive Lap is the most valuable tool for improving your driving and gives instantaneous feedback as you are driving a lap on whether you are faster or slower than your best lap.
  • LEDs - New color LEDs display real time status. There is no other substitute for this immediate feedback.
  • Data Analysis - SOLO 2 records data to be downloaded and analyzed using AiM Race Studio software, one of the easier to use and powerful data software tools on the market. More than lap times, Race Studio shows exactly where you can improve and pick up speed on the track. If the Predictive Lap display is half of the value of a data system, powerful and user-friendly analysis software is the other half, and RS2 fits the description.
  • Smartphone review (currently iPhone only) - review and analyze your data from your phone!
  • Track Recognition - SOLO 2 includes a list of the world’s main track GPS coordinates. At power up, the internal GPS in the SOLO 2 provides a location and loads the configuration for the track you're driving.
  • Performance Measures - SOLO 2 can be used as a measuring tool for your car's performance - a great way to evaluate your most recent upgrade. Industry standard tests include 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, and 0-60 mph, including 60' times and trap speed.
  • GPS Antenna - An internal GPS antenna in the SOLO 2 provides precise location and track mapping capability and speed outputs. Additionally, a start/finish line is set so you don't have a trackside beacon to lose or forget at the track.
  • AiM SmartyCam connection

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