350z / G35 Quick Release Bumper kit


Many automotive performance enhancements involve removal and reinstallation of the front bumper during the process of upgrades. It is very common to find out the bumper no longer fits properly upon final stages of reassembly. 

Close inspection any Car will reveal that the plastic mounting tabs which keep everything in alignment have distorted or completely snapped off.  Once this has occurred, the car owner has a few choices:

  • Replacing everything with OEM components along with the associated body shop labor - this can get expensive quick!
  • Zip ties which need to be replaced every time the bumper comes back off again. Zip ties also tend not to be a long term solution 
  • The rubber band solution: This is undesirable because the rubber band hardens and deteriorates over time. This bumper fitment solution also involves drilling a hole in your fender as well as your bumper
  • Tape, which is unsightly and temporary at best
  • Or, they can choose The Alliance Bumper Latch Kit, which is the best long term bumper fitment solution which is reuasable and durable.

Comes with full pictured and detailed Instructions. Check it Out


Alliance Quik Release Bumper Kit 

Collections: 350z / G35

Category: 350z, G35

Type: Aero/Body

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